Best Action Games on PC: Top 12 Ranked

Hello dear readers.  We recently published a rating of quests, and today we will tell you about the best action games on PC and analyze the basics of the genre.

The genre of action or action appeared at the same time as strategies. Initially, it was a first-person game like Wolfenstein or Doom. But gradually, not only shooters, but also RPGs, arcades, fighting games, adventures, and others began to be attributed to action games.

Action games are dynamic and fast, where success depends on the speed of reaction and the ability to change tactics in the process of passing. The gameplay captures and literally “consumes” time at the computer.

Time in the passage of the storyline or online battles flies very quickly – if you sit down at the computer in the evening, you may find that it will soon be dawn on the street.

Over the years, there have been a lot of games released on different platforms, and most of them turned out to be successful. The trend continues now – most of the games on our list are just new titles released in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Simply put, this is the most popular genre of recent years, and it will remain in trend for at least another ten years.

We have made our rating, which presents old and new games. In the process of compiling, they chose the most interesting and dynamic ones, tried to include the coolest games.

Let’s say right away – the top is not rubber, so many action games “did not come in” here, although I would very much like to. And we deliberately weeded out old games – if you want to read about them, check out our top games for weak PCs. And once we figured out the basics of the genre, let’s get down to business.

In this article, you will learn:

12. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

release year 2012
Genre Network shooter

The last place goes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – the good old online first-person shooter, which still has a million-strong army of fans from different countries. CS: GO is not just a game, but a separate discipline of esports, in which various competitions are held every month, and the strongest teams get to the Major, where they fight for prizes of several million dollars.

The essence of the game can be described as follows: there are terrorists who must detonate a bomb or hold hostages, and there are special forces who must prevent this. You can choose any side and start a battle in a separate location against other players. Tactics, team play and quick reaction to what is happening are the keys to victory.

You will connect with other team members via voice chat or radio messages, coordinate and discuss a plan of action against the enemy. Each round is like a separate story, where tactics and, of course, skill wins.

After the end of the round, the next one begins, and you will repeat everything all over again – storm the building, shoot, throw grenades, defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages.

We wrote about CS: GO a few months ago. Unfortunately, I had to put “Kontra” in 12th place for one reason – for five years it has remained in its original form. New cases and weapon skins are being introduced, but no real changes are visible.

11. Lost Planet 3

release year 2013
Genre Shooter with RPG elements

In eleventh place is a third-person shooter developed and published by Capcom. It was first released in Japan in 2006 on Xbox, and later, in 2007 and 2008, it was localized and distributed around the world.

There are no more conditions on Earth suitable for human life. To save humanity, you will travel to planet EDN III. However, not everything is so simple, it is already inhabited by alien monsters – akrida. They live in the snow, emit thermal energy and attack all discovered life forms, including humans.

The main character is named Jim. He, a colonist who went to conquer the planet and earn money for his family. Immediately after arriving and registering, he goes to mine ore and gets into trouble.

Then he finds an abandoned base, meets with the surviving colonists and learns about an alien creature that the corporation wants to take over. As a result of long moral torment, Jim decides to protect this creature and starts a war with the soldiers and officers of NEVEK.

Lost Planet 3 is an open and harsh world drowned in snow and full of various opponents. You will take part in massive battles, control humanoid robots and fight against the same war machines.

In the course of the plot, you will meet the main characters, destroy many monsters, find yourself in difficult situations and make difficult decisions. Everything is in your hands – act and win.

10. BioShock Infinite

release year 2013
Genre Shooter with RPG elements

We give tenth place to BioShock Infinite – a shooter at the intersection of science fiction and steampunk. You will find yourself in a world where Colombia flies in the sky and does not depend on the United States, and where there is a parallel reality, where you can fail for a while and take out something valuable.

Columbia is not a US state, but a city floating in the air due to huge airships, propellers and “quantum levitation”. The city was built on the territory of the United States to demonstrate at the 1893 World’s Fair, and after a triumphant display, it was sent on a world tour. During the tour, relations between the city authorities and the president of the country deteriorated, and a few years after the fair, Colombia declared independence and disappeared in an unknown direction.

The main action unfolds in a few years. Colombia is ruled by politicians for whom the white population is paramount, and the lives of the “colored” are worthless. The city is on the brink of civil war – representatives of the law, the police and the white population on the one hand against the labor movement (everyone else) on the other. This is the environment in which you will find yourself after the start of the game.

You will find yourself in the role of detective Booker DeWitt, who illegally made his way to Colombia. Together with a partner named Elizabeth, you will travel around the city, carry out missions of rebels and terrorist groups, jump into parallel worlds and fight against representatives of the authorities.

BioShock Infinite is a full-fledged shooter with RPG elements. You can even say that this is an open world where different people live, interesting customs reign, shocking customs exist. The main character can carry only two weapons, but he can easily exchange a weak pistol for a powerful rifle of a defeated police officer. And he also knows how to shoot lightning from his hands and control cars from a distance – a detective magician and a fighter in one bottle.

The game was translated into Russian, so feel free to buy and install, even if you don’t know English. We are confident that you will spend many hours playing this game. A powerful storyline along with an unusually beautiful world will captivate you, but remember that you also need to sleep and rest.

9. World of Tanks + Warplanes + Warships

release year 2010, 2013, 2015
Genre Military history action

We give ninth place to the famous series, which can be conditionally called World of Battle Machines. This includes the free military arcades World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships, released by Wargaming.

WoT came out 7 years ago, in 2010, and immediately gained a huge following. The same thing happened with the next parts – WoWp and WoWs.

The entire series is based on the confrontation between tanks, aircraft and warships during the Second World War. Combat vehicles of the USSR, Germany, Great Britain, France, USA, Japan and China collide on the battlefield.

You will find yourself at the helm of a combat vehicle, and together with other people you will carry out combat missions – capture control points, destroy the enemy, hold the defense and much more.

To start the game, you need to register on the Wargaming website, download and install the selected game. Initially, you will have access to the first level technique and battles for beginners. The more battles you fight and the more often you win, the faster you can buy a new combat vehicle and upgrade it.

The battles themselves are held in a specific location, you take a place in a tank, plane or ship, join one of the two teams and fight until one of the sides wins.

The games released by Wargaming are very popular. Thousands of people from different countries take part in battles every day, competitions and platoon-to-platoon battles are held. The developers constantly hold various events with valuable prizes, give gifts and introduce new military equipment. There is no time to get bored here, join and win.

8. Assassin’s Creed

release year 2007-2017
Genre Adventure Action

Continuing our top series of games about the adventures of an assassin – Assassin’s Creed. We decided to give the eighth place for constant updates and the release of new content, since 2007 the developers have managed to release 10 parts, each of which has found its fans around the world.

In Assassin’s Creed, you, as the main character named Desmond, take part in the Crusades, the Revolution in France, the founding of the Order in Ancient Egypt and other historical events. According to the plot, Desmond is a descendant of the Assassins who, using a special device, can read the memory of ancestors and participate in the events of past years. He must solve the mysteries of the Order of the Assassins, find the “Piece of Eden” and prevent the end of the world.

The main feature of Assassin’s Creed is an atypical gameplay based on stealth and parkour. You will jump on walls, climb onto roofs and bell towers, move silently, destroy soldiers and politicians with your blades. In addition to ordinary people, you will be confronted by the dangerous Order of the Templars – the entire series of games is based on this conflict.

We add that based on the game in 2016, the film “Assassin’s Creed” was released. In terms of the number of fees, it turned out to be on a par with Warcraft in many countries – fans of the game literally went to the Assassin’s Creed in droves, and left the cinema in great delight. What do we mean by this? If you are a fan of the action genre, then you should appreciate Assassin’s Creed.

7. Mass Effect

release year 2007-2017
Genre Role-playing thriller

We give seventh place to the Mass Effect series of games about distant space, evil and not very aliens, the survival of humanity, heroes and villains. The first part was released back in 2007 on the Xbox, it was localized on the PC six months later, and even then the game gathered a multimillion audience of fans. In total, 4 parts of the game were released, while the first three are one story, and the last part has a completely new plot and characters.

In the first three parts, you, as Captain Shepard, will command a spaceship of the Aerospace Forces, actively interact with representatives of alien races, complete tasks, explore planets, fight monsters and aliens, and negotiate. According to the plot, the survival of humanity depends on Shepard, and he must make every effort to make the Earth survive.

In the fourth part, a completely new story awaits you, with new characters and a plot. It was released in April 2017 with a lot of flaws, for which the developers received millions of angry letters from fans of the series. The Mass Effect: Andromeda release was an outright flop, so we can’t put this series higher than seventh.

The main features of the game are a powerful sci-fi storyline, excellent graphics and gameplay. You will meet many races, meet the crew of your starship, and learn the stories of each member of the ship.

You can take not only crew members into the team – you can recruit representatives of alien races and together with them carry out tasks, communicate and raise your reputation.

The only drawback, in our opinion, is that only single mode is available. There are no online battles in Mass Effect, but it may not be necessary. History will take you headlong, and Shepard and his associates will be remembered for many years.

6. For Honor

release year 2017
Genre Third Person Action Slasher

We decided to give the sixth place to the newfangled For Honor – an action slasher, which translates into Russian as a meat grinder.

For Honor is a brutal fighting game about the most famous warriors of the Middle Ages. Knights, Vikings and samurai clashed on the battlefield, and it depends only on you whether your faction will win or lose.

You can join one of the parties at your discretion, and the other two will immediately become enemies. After that, choose one of the four heroes and go into battle – this way you will quickly understand what and how to do.

In battles, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of your hero and opponents, learn how to win and develop the right tactics. To become a strong and skillful warrior, you will have to go through several hundred fights and battles.

For Honor has a bit of backstory and plot, but they don’t come first. The main feature is dynamic and powerful battles in the medieval style. In this case, you will not fight with artificial intelligence, but with other people who also strive to win at any cost. Therefore, the gameplay is captivating and does not let go until the end of the battle. A must have for all fans of the Middle Ages.

5. Mafia 3

release year 2016
Genre Adventure thriller

Fifth place we decided to give Mafia 3 – an action adventure about gangsters. The series consists of three parts, released between 2002 and 2016. At the same time, each part turned out as a separate world, heroes and villains were remembered for a long time, and I wanted to go through it again and again.

The third part continues the plot of the second, only new heroes and mafiosi are on the stage. You, as Lincoln Clay, a black soldier who returned to his native New Bordeaux from Vietnam. In the 1970s, criminals flourish in the United States, with which the police are unsuccessfully fighting. After the introduction, you will find yourself in an open world where everything is available – cars, weapons, gangster showdowns and much more.

In the role of Lincoln, you will shoot gangsters from other groups, conduct interrogations in the car and much more. In other words, you will become part of the mafia and lead a crime syndicate. Well, or not lead, it all depends on the decisions made during the passage. Yes, yes, you will make decisions that will later be reflected in the fate of the hero – just like in real life.

Mafia 3 is first and foremost a beautiful gangster saga made at a very high level. In our opinion, the main thing here is not shooting and chases, but the relationship between characters, history and the fate of specific people.

It’s not just that people violate the law – each has its own story. And when you learn the story, even if it is a fictional character, you involuntarily remember it. Therefore, a well-deserved five, we move on.

4. Fallout 4

release year 2015
Genre  Open world action-RPG

The fourth place deservedly goes to Fallout 4 – an RPG about life after a nuclear war. In general, the entire Fallout series deserves to be in the top for just one reason: since the release of the first part, when the fashion for post-apocalypse has just appeared, millions of people from different countries have loved it. Let us explain why this is so.

Imagine that you are a survivor waking up from a long sleep in a bunker. Do you remember that before going underground, a big war with the use of atomic weapons began, and it is not known who won. You live quietly in a bunker until some event (depending on the part of the game) forces you to open the door of the bunker and see the world with your own eyes.

What do you think you will see after opening the door? It’s going to be a surprise. And each time it is a different story in which you participate and influence the course of events.

More than 20 years have passed since the release of the first part of Fallout, during this time five games were released, and all of them became hits in due time. Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox One, and Fallout Shelter on iOS and Android are trending now. We are talking about PC games, so we will focus on the fourth part.

In this part, you will find yourself in the role of a man (Nate) or his wife (Nora), depending on who you choose first. The story begins when the main characters (Nate and Nora) live a peaceful life and buy a ticket to Vault 111 in case of an atomic war.

After a while, the enemy drops atomic bombs on New York, after which the spouses, along with their child, hide in the Vault, where they are frozen in cryosleep capsules.

The main events will take place after the awakening of the main character. We will not tell the whole story – you have to go through it yourself.

Fallout 4 is an open world consisting of radioactive wastelands and teeming with monsters, evil raiders and slavers, super mutants and other not very pleasant creatures. But there are also kind people who move the development of the plot.

We are sure that you will spend many hours exploring the wasteland and completing the next task – and you will not be bored.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

release year 2015
Genre  Open world action-RPG

Bronze goes to the epic saga of the Witcher – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game was released based on the book of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski and since its inception has won millions of fans from different countries.

Of course, we’ve seen it all before – elves, orcs, battles, missions and intricate puzzles. What else can you surprise fans of the fantasy genre with? It turns out there is something.

The Witcher saga is, first of all, a beautiful and interesting plot, where there is love and hate, witchcraft loses to an ordinary dagger, secondary characters live their own lives, while life-changing events take place around them. In the center of the plot are the witcher Geralt, his “daughter” Ciri and the sorceress Yennefer.

We will not talk more about the plot – you must see everything with your own eyes and get to know the main characters. The main and secondary characters have a special character, and it seems that they are living people with their own problems, principles and cockroaches in their heads.

For example, the same Geralt can hit and seduce some sorceress, or lament that the world has changed for the worse and everyone around him is deceiving and does not pay for the killed monsters.

The Witcher 3 is not only a story, but also exciting battles with monsters, soldiers, sorcerers … The list goes on for a long time. And besides the fights, you will find a lot of dialogues and funny and ridiculous events.

The Wild Hunt is exciting. After the launch of the game, our editor-in-chief went and bought all the books about The Witcher. And after reading them, I enjoyed playing the game for 50 hours, but never passed it. Perhaps you can overtake him – buy the game and go on to adventure.

2. Battlefield 1

release year 2016
Genre First person shooter

Silver goes to Battlefield 1, a first-person shooter about the First World War. Unusual gameplay, large-scale battles, where up to 140 people take part at the same time, a large amount of military equipment and immersion in history – for all this, the game is loved by millions of people.

After starting the game, you will be taken directly to the battlefield, select a highly specialized soldier and begin to perform a combat mission – to destroy the enemy, capture control points, hold the defense, and so on. You will be attacked by the same players from another team performing similar tasks.

In our opinion, the main feature of Battlefield is that you can use any military equipment on the battlefield. See the ownerless tank? Get closer and take a seat at the helm.

Invite your teammates to play the role of a gunner and gunner, and go to destroy the enemy base. And if the tank is hit, a new combat vehicle will appear in the same place in a few minutes.

In Battlefield 1, you will control tanks, airplanes, aim cannons and howitzers, and use special equipment. In extreme cases, you can fight alone, the main thing is to choose the appropriate class of soldier and not stick out unnecessarily – otherwise they will shoot you.

Battlefield 1 is the First World War as seen from our time. The developers made it very realistic – if you have a large monitor, it will seem that you are in the thick of the battle in fact. In general, Battlefield should be at the top of the action games of all time for one simple reason – hardly anyone can surpass what they do in the studio Electronic Arts.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

release year 2015
Genre Open world shooter

The gold goes to GTA 5 – an action-adventure-thriller about gangsters, cars, money and antisocial behavior. All games in the GTA series have occupied the first places in the ratings, and the fifth part is no exception. GTA 5 is like real life, where you find yourself in the role of a gangster, grow into a crime boss and earn a lot of money.

In the fifth part, you will control three characters at once – black Franklin, calculating Michael and cheerful Trevor. While you control one character, the other two go about their business. For example, after finishing raiding a jewelry store as Franklin and switching to Trevor, you find him eating breakfast in the kitchen.

The plot is set in the city of Los Santos, on the US coast. The three main characters meet and decide to turn the “schemes” together and earn money by not entirely legal methods.

As a result, you will rob shops, steal cars, shoot competitors, participate in mafia wars. As a result, all three characters will become kings of the shadow world and by the end of the game will be able to accumulate several billion dollars.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, everything is just like in real life – you can go in for sports, drive a jet ski, swim with a bathyscaphe, place a bet on the stock exchange, go shopping, get a haircut and much more.

The game also has a mobile phone, so you can call your partners or a customer, chat and clarify details. Also, in a single player game, you can get a cat or a dog and teach him a few tricks.

Initially, there was no Russian voice acting in GTA 5, so players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Russian-speaking countries swore and sent angry letters to Rockstar. Now you can find illegal voice acting, but it is better not to spoil the feeling of the game and watch subtitles.

If Rockstar has not done the voice acting in Russian, then you can imagine how much time and money it will take to translate more than 100 hours of dialogues into Russian.

The fifth part of GTA surpassed the previous ones in all respects – graphics, gameplay, game world and detail on a whole new level. The NPCs have intelligence, now they react to the main character, they can talk to him first and even call the police if they see illegal actions.

With new modes available, you can now play GTA with friends online, or join Roskstar Games’ Social Club, an online service where you compete against other people and build an online career.

GTA 5 is like a separate world where you have all the possibilities. And unlike in real life, you can save and go when there is free time. In general, a must have for all fans of the genre.

Summing up

As you can see, the trend continues, there are only new and most interesting games in the top. The action genre has become one of the most popular and will continue to evolve. It is possible that in a few years we will see the next parts of Battlefield, The Witcher, GTA and other games that have already gathered millions of audiences.

But other genres are not lagging behind. According to analysts, by 2020 the computer games market will grow by 40%, completely new projects with augmented reality will appear.

Who knows, maybe in 10 years we will see full immersion games. And as soon as this happens, we will definitely tell you about it.

Follow our news. After a while, we will analyze another genre and present a new rating. I wish you all success. And bye bye.